Our Angels

This page is dedicated to our beloved pets who have passed away. May they forever enjoy fields in which to frolic, butterflies to chase, bowls of delicious milk, endless treats, and as much joy as they have brought into our lives.

Rainbow Bridge

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge.

There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together.

There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor.

Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.

The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance.

His bright eyes are intent. His eager body quivers.

Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again.

The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together.

— Unknown Author

Seal - Seal was an extraordinarily sweet cat who somehow ended up at a shelter in Rhode Island when she was eight years old. The people there decided she was too old to adopt out, so she spent five years at their shelter. When she was thirteen, someone spotted her and brought her to Kitty Connection. I … Continue reading "Seal"
Felix - Felix was a 7-to-9-year old big, lovable boy. He lived with his previous human for seven years, but that person had to move to Florida and couldn’t take Felix with him. After bouncing around for a while, Felix came to Kitty Connection – but unfortunately he fell ill around the same time. We wish we … Continue reading "Felix"
Kendell - Kendell was a sweet 8 week old little tabby boy (with beautiful green eyes) who was looking for a home where he could be loved and adored for all the years to come. He never found that home but he was loved at Kitty Connection by all who met him.  
Phoebe - Phoebe was adopted 5 years ago by Kathee, Kitty Connection’s photographer. In her new home, she ruled over her step-brothers and step-sisters and was a total “Diva” as befitting a typical “tortie”.  She was loved by all who met her and she loved all (humans) and most cats whom she met. She was loved also … Continue reading "Phoebe"
The Orphans - The Orphans came to Kitty Connection at 4 weeks old. Unfortunately, despite all the efforts by the dedicated Kitty Connection volunteers, they were not strong enough to survive. They were sweet and cute, and loved in the week that they were with us.
Zorro - Little baby Zorro did not have the best start in his young life and Kitty Connection volunteers tried their best to give him a chance. Sadly, their efforts were not enough to save him. In the week that KC had him, he was loved and adored.
England - England, who was adopted from kitty connection 5 to 6 years ago, passed away from a possible heart condition. Her family loved her dearly and is deeply saddened. She will be missed every day.
Yvette - Yvette was a beautiful, all white, 5 month old girl. She was super friendly and adorable, and was looking forward to being a permanent member of a family. Sadly, she passed away a week later before she could find a home of her own. Now, she is running free with many feline friends in heaven. … Continue reading "Yvette"
Penny - Penny was a five year old cat that came to Kitty Connection. She was lively one day and lifeless the next – we think she may have died of FIP. We are sorry we did not have time to get you a forever home, Penny.
Ale - Ale was a 12-year old brown tabby who was picked up as a stray in a building, obviously abandoned by his owner. He was curious and laid back at the same time – a perfect gentleman. Unfortunately Ale had liver issues and took a turn for the worst before he found his forever home. Run … Continue reading "Ale"
Lauri - Lauri was a very playful, very beautiful kitten with shiny black fur & stunning green eyes. She was struck with bacterial pneumonia, and despite our best efforts, she did not survive the illness. We wish we had time to find you a forever home and see you grow up, Lauri. Here’s a video of her … Continue reading "Lauri"
Roxy - Roxy is an affectionate cat, about 11 years old.  She faced euthanasia after her owners learned of her diagnosis of diabetes.  Their adult daughter reached out for help, and, knowing that diabetes is easily manageable and often curable in cats, I responded.  Her description of Roxy: “Roxy’s behaviors: she’s very much a lap cat, and … Continue reading "Roxy"
Titan - Titan was an 8-10 week old little boy. He was a cute little, all black boy with a little white “blaze” on his chest. Unfortunately he passed away way too young. He was very much loved during is short time with Kitty Connwction.
Oscar - Oscar was an older cat who was living on the streets, where a nice lady was feeding him. One day she noticed that he didn’t look too good, so she brought him to the vet. Kitty Connection took him from there and found him a great home, along with his cat-friend Pepper. Unfortunately Oscar did … Continue reading "Oscar"
Princess Di - Princess Di was an all black, 6 year old girl whose  owners moved away and left her behind. She came to Kitty Connection and was loved in her foster home. She passed away before she could fond her furever home.
Archie - Archie was my beloved cat of just one year but he was the love of my life.  He got sick and couldn’t pull through. I will surely miss him but I am grateful to have had a beautiful year with him in my life.
Skittles - Skittles has passed on. He was 4.  Here is a picture of him from right before he got really sick. He was so handsome and one of the sweetest cats I ever had the pleasure of sharing my home with.  He left us on 04/02/2015, he is deeply missed.
Cherry - Cherry was originally named Hippo. He was discovered living under a porch and brought to Kitty Connection by a local animal control officer. He was between 10 and 12 when he came to us, and his fur was so severely matted that he was given a lion’s cut. Hippo absolutely loved to be petted, and … Continue reading "Cherry"
Watson - Our sweet, handsome Watson passed over the Rainbow Bridge last night. Watson was surrounded by the love of his foster parents – Steve and Linda. He knew nothing but love, kindness, walks, treats, a cuddly bed and constant companionship for the last 4 months of his life. Even in his last moments of life Watson … Continue reading "Watson"
Dusty - Dusty’s owner was an elderly man who needed to go to a nursing home, and I took him in to care for him. It soon became apparent that Dusty’s owner wouldn’t be coming home, and it also became apparent that Dusty (aka Londo) won my heart. He was a big sweet fluffy boy who loved … Continue reading "Dusty"
Simba - We had to lay our big guy Simba to rest tonight. We made sure that the last 2 years of his life that he was with us were the best years of his life. Thank you Kitty Connection for allowing us to have these last couple years with Simba in them. RIP Simba. We love you … Continue reading "Simba"
Hobo - Hobo passed away today.   RIP, Hobo. My name is Hobo and I’m a 10 year old male cat.  I was picked up off the street as a stray but an old micro chip saved my life and got me back to Kitty Connection.  I was in pretty rough shape with my mouth but KC … Continue reading "Hobo"
Molly - Molly was a beautiful girl who was adopted by a little girl and her father.  She lived for one year in that home being loved every day of her short life.
Joonyor - Joonyor passed away this week. He was a wonderful cat with a loud purr and that purr will be sorely missed on this earth.  Now, Joonor is purring for his fellow angels.
Claire + Rondo - Angels_002 In Memory of Claire and Rondo – May 2014 - One of Kitty Connection’s volunteers, Sue, came across the listing of a beautiful cat named Rondo in 2009. After having Rondo for the better part of a year, Rondo’s sister Claire, came back to Kitty Connections due to a change in circumstance with her first adopted home. Sue took Claire in, and they lived has … Continue reading "In Memory of Claire and Rondo – May 2014"
In Memory of Ranger – May 2014 - It is with great sadness that we must report that Ranger, a Domestic Short Hair cat that was adopted to his forever home four years ago, has passed away in his sleep. We take comfort in the fact that he spent the last four years in love and happiness with his humans. We at Kitty … Continue reading "In Memory of Ranger – May 2014"
410_Benji In memory of Benjie, March 2014 - It is with a very sad and heavy heart that KC lost one of our great success stories, Benjie, as he had to be euthanized.  Benjie had ulcers on either side of his tongue and in his mouth.  It was awful and the pain he must have endured without showing it was immense.  What a … Continue reading "In memory of Benjie, March 2014"
In memory of Lucy, January 2014 - A Very Sad Update: Our beloved “Lucy” passed over to the Rainbow Bridge this morning. May she rest in peace and enjoy the Rainbow Bridge.  We had a short time with her and wish we could have saved her. She will be missed by so many! Thank you, everyone, for your well wishes and also … Continue reading "In memory of Lucy, January 2014"
In Memory of Maggie, November 2013 - Maggie was surrendered back to KC at age ten due to allergies. She was sick and neglected weighing only four lbs. She was the sweetest cat nothing but love and deserved better but after fostering her for two days she became too ill to continue so I had to say good bye. Memories of Maggie … Continue reading "In Memory of Maggie, November 2013"
In Memory of Lucky Lady, September 2008 - Lucky, the calico, was rescued from a bad situation along with two other kittens. One kitten didn’t make it but Karen opened her home to the two remaining kittens, Lucky Lady and Jerry. Lucky Lady passed away recently. She will be missed. Her little friend Jerry misses her immensely and is still being cared for … Continue reading "In Memory of Lucky Lady, September 2008"
In Memory of Mouser, May 2008 - We adopted Mouser in April of 08 and had him for 5 short weeks before it was time to say goodbye, much to soon. It has been a difficult couple of months. You love your pets with everything you are and it doesn’t matter if you had them a lifetime or just briefly. The world … Continue reading "In Memory of Mouser, May 2008"
In Memory of Juan, September 2008 - Juan was loved very much by Eileen and Tom during his short time in their lives, but he was very sick and it was time for him to leave them behind. He will be missed so much.
In Memory of Sasha, October 2008 - I miss Sasha so much. She was such an excellent and loving cat. I am so glad I was able to give her a very loving home with my other two cats and me if only for a short time. My house is so quiet and lonely now without her here with us. She was … Continue reading "In Memory of Sasha, October 2008"
In Memory of Jay Jay, February 2009 - Jay Jay, at age four, died of a broken heart. When his owner passed away, his world was turned upside down and he was sent to a kill shelter. Kitty Connection helped to rescue Jay Jay from certain death but in the end was unable to save him. Erin, Jay Jay’s foster mom, took such … Continue reading "In Memory of Jay Jay, February 2009"
In Memory of Dewey, February 2009 - I found Dewey outside on a frigid night in January 2006. I could see that he was ill so I brought him into my home because I was afraid he would not survive the night. The next day I brought him to the vet, and it was discovered that he had feline leukemia. I am … Continue reading "In Memory of Dewey, February 2009"
In Memory of Rolie Polie, April 2009 - Rolie Polie passed away of an apparent heart attack/stroke stemming from a severe neurological disorder. Jenn, his foster mom, officially adopted Rolie two weeks ago and gave him a wonderful and loving home for his final days. Rolie Polie gave Jenn such unconditional love and we truly know that he was forever grateful to have … Continue reading "In Memory of Rolie Polie, April 2009"
In Memory of Melvin, April 2009 - Melvin was recently rescued but succumbed to cancer. He was well taken care of by his foster mom Corrine, and had a very happy two weeks with her. We will miss him.
In Memory of Marco, June 2009 - Marco passed away at eight years old. He was lovable, so gentle and really a great cat. I am so glad I adopted him even it was for a short time. My other cat, Angel Eyes, loved him also. Lisa
In Memory of Burrito, July 2009 - Little Burrito was only with us for three weeks, but he had a tough little spirit and he warmed the hearts of everyone he came into contact with. He was found outside by a caring individual who contacted Kitty Connection and cared for him until he could be united with a surrogate mom. Cheri — … Continue reading "In Memory of Burrito, July 2009"
In Memory of Sharpie, July 2009 - Sharpie succumbed to upper respiratory infection when he was about 12 weeks old. He was such a playful and friendly little boy who liked to climb onto your lap for a nice cuddle. We will miss this sweet little boy.
In Memory of Snowball, September 2009 - Snowball was the sweetest and most playful little kitty. Unfortunately, he suffered from failure to thrive. His body was too weak to survive. We will miss him dearly.
In Memory of Teddy Bear, October 2009 - Teddy Bear was a sweet little kitten who was born with feline leukemia (FelV). Teddy Bear’s foster mom loved him very much and gave him the best care possible, but sadly Teddy Bear succumbed to the FelV virus and passed away. But he was much loved and happy in his foster home, playing with his … Continue reading "In Memory of Teddy Bear, October 2009"
In Memory of Sarah, October 2009 - When Sarah first came to our home at age 4 weeks she had no name. After seeing her and spending time with her the family decided on Sarah because it meant princess and that is what Sarah was to us all. Sarah was a sweet, beautiful little girl who was born with a defective heart … Continue reading "In Memory of Sarah, October 2009"
In Memory of Ben, January 2010 - Ben was a wonderful dog who never stopped enjoying life notwithstanding that he suffered from tumors on his neck and shoulders that made breathing difficult for him. He was always there to greet his foster mom at the door with a wag and a big kiss. He was a sweet old boy and he will … Continue reading "In Memory of Ben, January 2010"
In Memory of Alexa (Whiskers), March 2010 - One of our volunteers, Alex, was driving home when he saw a cat in the road. He stopped, saw she was breathing and rushed her into vetcision. She was given CPR and shock treatment to revive her but she didn’t make it. Thank you, Alex, for being so caring and compassionate to help this animal … Continue reading "In Memory of Alexa (Whiskers), March 2010"
In Memory of Lock - Lock had multiple organ failure, which was caused possibly by lymphoma. Although he was 9 years old, he still acted like a kitten and loved to be showered with attention. He was adopted by Sharon and her family back in November 2009 and they gave him so much love and affection in his last months. … Continue reading "In Memory of Lock"
In Memory of Nyla, March 2010 - Nyla was a handsome male angora with the most adorable pink nose. He liked getting scratches and finding cozy little places to snooze the hours away. He was in his mature years and just wanted a home of his own, but he was very sick and it was time for him to cross the Rainbow … Continue reading "In Memory of Nyla, March 2010"
In Memory of Checkers, March 2010 - Checkers (formerly Mr. Tate) was fortunate because he found a family that was a perfect match for him personality-wise. He was very sweet, liked the kids, and put up with the dogs. Unfortunately Checkers was also very sick. It was discovered that he had a tumor in his abdomen and fluid in his lungs. He … Continue reading "In Memory of Checkers, March 2010"
In Memory of Pastry, May 2010 - Pastry was a tiny 8 oz Calico Manx kitten who stole the heart of everyone who met her. Half the size of her siblings, she’d push them all out of the way to get the formula first and if the formula was too slow in coming, she’d meow at the top of her little lungs … Continue reading "In Memory of Pastry, May 2010"
In Memory of Midnite, May 2010 - Midnite was a Kitty Connection rescue five years ago. Jeremy and Trudy adopted Midnite and gave her a forever home. Sadly, a blood clot paralyzed Midnite’s back legs, and it happened so suddenly there was nothing anyone could do to save her. Jeremy, Trudy and Midnite’s canine friend, Winston, loved her dearly. She will be … Continue reading "In Memory of Midnite, May 2010"
In Memory of Ricotta, May 2010 - My name is Ricotta and I lost my life in a tragic accident. While on this earth, I was beloved by many. I hope people look back and remember me for being the sweet, trusting, playful, loving little girl that I was. I hope to stay in their memory forever and bring a smile to … Continue reading "In Memory of Ricotta, May 2010"
In Memory of Gianna, May 2010 - Gianna was hit by a car on Salem Street in Malden. She was injured pretty badly but fought for her life and for her unborn babies. She was helped by a neighbor and a few kids who saw her lying in the street. A Kitty Connection volunteer lived a few streets away and came to … Continue reading "In Memory of Gianna, May 2010"
In Memory of Brody, June 2010 - Brody was a Russian gray with big green eyes with big dilated pupils. He was muscular and very heavy. He was beautiful. He was passionate and a loud purrer. He was mischievous; he could run up the stairs very fast and then get stuck under the bed: the behind couldn’t make it so low. So … Continue reading "In Memory of Brody, June 2010"
In Memory of Maya, June 2010 - Maya had a very tough, short life and we made her as comfortable as possible while she was with us. Her last few days were spent with Melanie, and as Stacey saw first hand, she was finally happy. We will miss you Maya.
In Memory of Raddish, August 2010 - Raddish came to Kitty Connection in July with 12 of her siblings. They were all in the same home with five adults and none were spayed/neutered. Raddish was only 8 weeks old and had had a rough start to her very young life. She began having 10-12 seizures a day that would exhaust her little … Continue reading "In Memory of Raddish, August 2010"
In Memory of Chrissy, August 2010 - Chrissy was a very special dog to the volunteers at Kitty Connection. Chrissy’s owner died and Chrissy was taken in by Kitty Connection at 12 years old and she was both blind and deaf. Chrissy was adopted by a woman in Somerville. Chrissy died in her sleep and she was very much loved and we … Continue reading "In Memory of Chrissy, August 2010"
In Memory of Katrina, August 2010 - Katrina, Mrs. Miniver at our home, was well loved. She was a constant companion to my mom, curling up to sleep with her at night, playing all the time, and sleeping stretched out in all the sunny windows. We will miss her always.
In Memory of Tony, August 2010 - Tony, formerly Zipper, was an adorable, loving kitten who stole a lot of hearts. Sadly, he was taken away way too soon from his new mom and sister Ziva (formerly Snap). He will be greatly missed by us all.
In Memory of Wiley Bo, September 2010 - Losing You Wiley Bo ~6-4-10 ~ 9-1-10 Our hearts still ache in sadness, …And secret tears still flow, What it meant to lose you, No one will ever know. Though we had only held you in our arms for a just little while, we know we gave you so much love in that week and … Continue reading "In Memory of Wiley Bo, September 2010"
In Memory of Isaac, October 2010 - Blessings and gratitude to Isaac, a cat of distinct character who always wanted to be near, and always had the knack of looking like he was standing at attention. There was nothing sweeter than his peace when at rest. He blessed us greatly, and he is greatly missed.
In Memory of Freddy, November 2010 - Freddy was the sweetest and most amazing dog and we miss him terribly. Anne & Deck.
In Memory of Fergie, December 2010 - Fergie passed away unexpectedly. She was a sweet, friendly girl who never had a chance to belong to any family. Sadly, she and her kittens were dumped in a container with no holes. They were found in time and her babies adopted, but Fergie must not have been strong enough to fight off whatever ailment … Continue reading "In Memory of Fergie, December 2010"
In Memory of Blake, January 2011 - Blake was a hurricane Katrina victim. He was brought to MA when many of the cats were transported to various rescues. Months later, many of the groups still had a lot of cats and Kitty Connection happened to meet one of those organizations. They asked if KC could help find homes for any of the … Continue reading "In Memory of Blake, January 2011"
In Memory of Bruno, 2011 - After a brief battle with FIP, Bruno succumbed to the disease. Bruno’s short life on earth was filled with joy and happiness as he was very much loved and will never be forgotten by his owners, Harry and Phil, and by all of us at Kitty Connection. May his little soul rest in peace.
In Memory of Jetties, February 2011 - Jetties, formerly known as Dumfries, will be greatly missed by his family and kitty friend Jinx. Sadly, his heart stopped suddenly when he was given anesthesia in preparation for surgery. His two little girls greatly miss their fluffy little orange bed buddy who tucked them in at night. He was greatly loved and cared for … Continue reading "In Memory of Jetties, February 2011"
In Memory of Connie, February 2011 - Little Connie (formerly Cornwall) left this world on 2/26/11 after a brief but valiant battle with FIP. She was 6 months old. We only had the privilege of sharing Connie’s life for the last 3 months, but we could not have loved her more had we shared 20 years! She showed that love was mutual … Continue reading "In Memory of Connie, February 2011"
In Memory of Salty, March 2011 - Salty succumbed to renal failure. She was the sweetest, most gentle cat who purred nonstop, even at the end. I loved her with all my heart. Karen
In Memory of Duffy, March 2011 - Duffy came to Kitty Connection in late 2010. He was found as a stray. He tested positive for FIV and had to have numerous dental extractions. Duffy hadn’t been doing well for the past few weeks and couldn’t fight an infection in his body because of his weakened immune. He touched the lives of many … Continue reading "In Memory of Duffy, March 2011"
In Memory of Jenna Jacob, March 2011 - In memory of Jennifer “Jenna” Jacob, a beautiful young lady who left this world much too soon and a true friend of cats. She passed away on March 2 with her beloved cats “Sneakers”, “Rusty” and “Jasper” by her side. One of her requests was that people donate to Kitty Connection in her memory. We … Continue reading "In Memory of Jenna Jacob, March 2011"
In Memory of Lou Peterson, June 2010 - My dear friend, Lou Peterson, passed away in June 2010. He was a sweet, kindhearted man. He respected and appreciated nature. He adored all animals, both wild life and domesticated. Our paths crossed about 13 years ago during our successful effort in rescuing a cat, named Henry. We maintained our friendship by other cat rescues, … Continue reading "In Memory of Lou Peterson, June 2010"
In Memory of Rocky, May 2011 - Rocky was a wonderful and loyal friend who only wanted to find a home where he could share his unconditional love and be happy. He was never happier than when he was around someone he loved, just hanging out and sharing the companionship. We are deeply saddened that he is no longer with us, but … Continue reading "In Memory of Rocky, May 2011"
In Memory of Simon, June 2011 - Simon came to me from Kitty Connection as a foster in January 2008 (originally named “Homer’), and he never left. He was such a wonderful cat — mellow, very affectionate, beautiful, quirky. He loved to have his belly rubbed and to be near me. He had a fluffy, crooked Dr. Seuss tail and a little … Continue reading "In Memory of Simon, June 2011"
In Memory of Cleo, February 2012 - Cleo was a very sweet and gentle cat who used to live in a home that had too many cats. While there she did not get the care she needed. She came into our care but it was too late and she passed away from kidney failure. Although she deserved a better life, we hope … Continue reading "In Memory of Cleo, February 2012"
In Memory of Sunny, March 2012 - Sunny was a beautiful, long-haired male who was sweet, gentle and loving. Sadly he passed away at 11 years of age. This beautiful boy will be missed.
In Memory of Hamilton, April 2012 - Hammy’s life was not an easy one, but while he was part of the Kitty Connection family he was loved and given shelter and protection. Sadly, he was diagnosed with diabetes and his health went downhill rapidly. This brave boy will be missed by everyone who loved him.
In Memory of Margarida - Margarida was a beautiful calico girl who was found starving on the streets of Medford. Kitty Connection only had her for a short time before she succumbed to bad health complications. This sweet girl will be missed by us.
In Memory of Pretty Girl, May 2012 - Pretty Girl was a special sweet girl who was loved by two incredible people: Maureen who found Pretty Girl living under a trailer and brought her to Kitty Connection, and Florence who gave Pretty Girl a loving home for the last five months knowing that she had feline leukemia and that her life would likely … Continue reading "In Memory of Pretty Girl, May 2012"
In Memory of Tuna, May 2012 - Tuna was a lovely but overweight 10-year old boy who suffered from diabetes and subsequently neurological disorders. He will be missed.
In Memory of Hennessey, June 2012 - Hennessey was a beautiful lab/pit mix – a love bug with lots of energy who deserved a happier life. We will miss him.
In Memory of Florence, July 2012 - Florence was a friendly and sweet female who was rescued from the streets. But living on the streets took its toll on her health.  We will miss her.
In Memory of Precious, August 2012 - I remember the first time I met Precious, a skinny little white and brown tabby cat. She was going to the vet for a checkup and was the only cat I’ve ever seen who purred the entire way to the vet, the entire time she was at the vet, and the whole way home…she also … Continue reading "In Memory of Precious, August 2012"
In Memory of Foxy, August 2012 - Foxy was a 4 to 5 month old calico kitten who was left in a carrier on a veterinarian’s doorstep with a can of food. She was taken in by our volunteers to be given a chance at a new home. Unfortunately, she was severely ill and did not make it; but her last few … Continue reading "In Memory of Foxy, August 2012"
In Memory of Winkie, August 2012 - Winkie was a little love bug whose owner became too sick to continue to take care of her. Winkie was an older girl who loved attention and to sit with you. Sadly, Winkie became ill and it was her time to go. We’ll miss this wonderful cat.
In Memory of Inigo Montoya Peterson (Iggy), December 2012 - Iggy and her sister joined our family on September 15, 2012, when they were an estimated 12 weeks old. They loved each other very much, although Iggy always let her sister boss her around. Iggy’s favorite things to do were to be held, nap under the covers with her mom and dad, and move her … Continue reading "In Memory of Inigo Montoya Peterson (Iggy), December 2012"
In Memory of Mascovy, December 2012 - Mascovy was an incredibly sweet and friendly, 5-month-old kitten rescued from the streets. This poor little guy had a broken leg and Kitty Connection provided him with the medical help that he needed. Sadly, though, Mascovy suffered from previously unknown complications and passed away. We’ll miss this sweet boy but take comfort in knowing that … Continue reading "In Memory of Mascovy, December 2012"
In Memory of Mike, January 2013 - Mike came to Kitty Connection along with his friend, Boo-Boo, when their owner passed away. Boo-Boo was adopted first and then fortunately Mike found a wonderful home as well. Sadly, though, Mike passed away. Our hearts break for Mike and for his new owner who both experienced loss.
Aidan In Memory of Aidan, January 2013 -   What can I say about Aidan (Chuck)? I’ll tell you what I can say. He was the sweetest boy I ever met!! I may have only known him for one month but he has found a place in my heart forever. He never once tried to scratch or bite. He never hissed. The vets … Continue reading "In Memory of Aidan, January 2013"