What is Trap/Neuter/Return?

Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR) is widely considered the most humane and effective strategy for reducing feral cat populations. TNR involves humanely trapping feral cats living in cities, towns and rural areas and transporting them to a veterinary clinic where they are spayed or neutered. They may also receive a health check, vaccinations, and can be treated for routine medical conditions. After surgery, the cat recuperates for a day or two and is then returned back to his colony habitat where caring individuals provide food, water and shelter. (Kittens and tame cats are moved into foster homes where they are loved and nurtured until they are well enough to be adopted.) Since the cats are no longer reproducing, the colony will gradually diminish in size. By reducing or eliminating mating, fighting and wandering, TNR makes the colony more stable, impacts the influx of newcomers, and improves the health of the cats.

How can you help?

We need as many hands as possible to help set, watch, and bring full traps into our care. Do you have an hour or two to help? Any time you can spare will save kittens from being born in the cold this winter and dying from the cold, disease, or starvation. To sign up or get more information, please email as soon as you can.  

Your donation will allow Kitty Connection to set traps and have cats spayed/neutered as we wait for help. Your donation of $70 will sponsor a spay. Any amount will help because with each $70 we can send a cat to get spayed/neutered.

The pictures below are of cats we trapped. Click on their images to read their stories.