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Commonwealth Cat Recovery is a social media recovery service for cats. Their goal is to bring together families and their lost feline friends! They cover MA, RI and CT…soon all of New England.

Based in southeastern Massachusetts, LostDogSearch is a one-person volunteer operation that provides free information, guidance, and support through this website, emails, and phone calls. Local assistance offered when logistics permit. Monetary donations are not required, nor expected. When offered and accepted, they are used to cover costs for expenditures such as fuel, phone bills, and printing supplies.

Lost & Found

Rue Namira - Rue Namira went missing on Pearl Street in Medford, MA. She is about six months old. She is a tortoise shell cat, mostly black with white paws. Please contact Michelle at 857-261-3389 if you see her or find her.
Black cat FOUND in Lynnfield Area - Cat found in Lynnfield – Summer Street area – Super friendly. Kitty is being held at Lynnfield Veterinary.
Miss Teeny - Missing cat Lost tabby cat – Winchester - Our 12 year old cat is missing. She DOES NOT wander off. Roams around the block and has done so for 8 years. We raised her on a bottle from just a few days old, abandoned by her mom. We love her and want her back. She has no collar because she chews them off. … Continue reading "Lost tabby cat – Winchester"
Lost Gray Cat – Somerville -  Hi, My cat recently went missing and I’m trying to find him. His name is Brannigan, he’s gray, very skinny, and has yellow eyes. He’s an indoor/outdoor cat but he frequently loses his collar. If anyone has brought him in please let me know, he means the world to me. And please don’t feed him, he needs special food … Continue reading "Lost Gray Cat – Somerville"
Mary Jane - Missing cat post Lost calico cat from Winchester - Hello.My name is Garret, and our family’s cat has disappeared on May 26. She’s acalico with a very distinctive black chin. She’s extremely well tempered,approx 3 years old, and she’s fixed.I am attaching photos of Mary Jane, in case she has found her way to ashelter or rescue. She was lost from George Rd in … Continue reading "Lost calico cat from Winchester"
Found longhaired cat, Malden - Possibly seal point Himalayan. Cat has been living in finder’s yard for some time. Finder is not sure if he/she has a home or not but feeds him nearly every day, occasionally doesn’t see him in extreme weather. If you recognize this cat, call Kathy 617-320-9449 or 781-397-6899.
Lost yellow polydactyl tabby cat, Arlington - Missing since Sunday, 2/2: Higgins, who has a plugged left tear duct and is polydactyl with 6 toes on his front paws and five on his back paws, has food allergies and gets a skin condition without special food from the vet. The only sighting has been Sunday night on Hillsdale toward Pleasantview. Check the … Continue reading "Lost yellow polydactyl tabby cat, Arlington"
Lost orange and white cat, Malden - Missing since Feb. 2: Sunshine is almost a year old. He is fixed, no microchip… Hes a Maine coon cat, orange and white, he has a black mark on his front gums. He’s extremely shy of anyone he doesn’t know but very friendly. He was last seen on Franklin Ct in Malden. Please contact Amanda … Continue reading "Lost orange and white cat, Malden"
Lost black and white cat, Melrose - Todd is a 13 year old male neutered cat and weighs approximately 13 pounds. He was last seen at 230 Main Street in Melrose MA. If anyone knows anything, please contact 781-662-4104 or email Laura. Thanks!
Lost black and white cat, Marlborough - Black and white longhair female, six years old. One pupil is larger than the other. Last seen in Marlborough November 4. Call 781-248-6827 if you have seen her.
Lost calico/tabby cat, Cambridge - My family has been heart-broken for the past 18 months since our cat Lucy went missing from our home. Six weeks later, a woman took Lucy to MSPCA Angell, then walked out with her after Angell staff found a microchip and told her to leave Lucy so they could return her to her owners (us). … Continue reading "Lost calico/tabby cat, Cambridge"
Lost gray/tan/black tabby cat, Reading - NAME: Lo And Behold BREED: Domestic Shorthair Cat COLORING: Grey/Tan/Black (No White) Mackerel Tabby w/ some Egyptian Mau features Belly is Tan with Black spot-stripes; Grey Pads on paws DOB: 10/15/11; 2-YEARS-OLD GENDER: FEMALE, SPAYED WEIGHT: 11 Lbs CHIP #: 985112000521929 LAST SEEN: 10/24/2013 near Arlington St. & Prescott St., Reading MA 01867. OTHER INFO: … Continue reading "Lost gray/tan/black tabby cat, Reading"
Lost black longhaired cat, Somerville - Been missing about a week. Wookie is 2 yrs old, male neutered. Last seen in the Joy St / Washington street area. He has a partly shaven tail (lion-style) that is growing back. Any info please call 617-491-7700.
Lost brown tabby cat, Malden - Missing since 10/21: Last seen Sunday, Oct. 27 in the Cliff Street, Malden area. She is a 5-year-old spayed female. Her name is Oonie but she only answers when she wants to. She is more likely to meow back if you meow at her. She is an indoor cat and it’s getting cold. Please contact … Continue reading "Lost brown tabby cat, Malden"
Lost brown tabby cat, Somerville - Missing since 10/11 from the Armory on Highland Ave. He’s around 12 years old and has never been outdoors. His mommy is very distraught. Please call 857-719-6581 if you have seen him.
Lost brown tabby cat, Melrose - Call 978-302-5287 if you have seen Mittens.
Lost brown tabby cat, Medford - Spike is brown with a tiger like pattern on his fur. He is 10 years old and very friendly. He does not have a tag or collar on. He has been missing since Thursday evening 10/3 and disappeared from the East Border Road / Highland Avenue area of Medford. Any information would be appreciated. Call … Continue reading "Lost brown tabby cat, Medford"
Lost orange and white cat, Medford - Last seen on Grover Rd., Medford. Call 617-947-1355 if you have seen him.
Lost gray tabby cat, Somerville - Missing since 9/20/13 from Winter Hill area, Somerville. Short hair, spayed female, gray with gray stripes. Small but round. About 5 years old. She has all her shots. If found, please call 617 776 8475 or 401 935 1399.  
Lost Ragdoll cat, Newton - Last seen Duncklee St./Walnut St. area, Newton. Large, neutered male, no collar or microchip. Call 617-969-3087 if you have seen him.
Found dilute calico cat, Everett - Stays mostly in my daughter’s back yard (Moody Ave.) but now coming out of the yard and walks around the front. This cat eats in my daughter’s back yard and usually the neighbor next door. Sometimes I bring food over if I see him/her and it’s early in the morning. We are not sure if … Continue reading "Found dilute calico cat, Everett"
Lost black & white cat, Tewksbury - Last seen early in the morning on Saturday, September 7 on North Street. He is an older, black and white cat with long fur. Mr. Bear has a black nose. Reward for finding cat. Please call Tina at 978-821-9762. Thank you.
Lost orange tabby cat, Malden - Mising since July 30. He is an orange buff tabby cat missing from the Malden/Revere line, from Blaine St. in Malden. He has medium to short hair and a fluffy tail. He is loved and missed very much! Contact Kitty Connection if you find him.
Found brown tabby & white cat, West Roxbury - Young, unaltered brown & white tiger cat found on New Haven St. in West Roxbury. No microchip. The vet said he was probably under a year old and looks like he’s been lost for a while… he was really skinny and scared. The cat is skittish but affectionate after a while. He was probably someone’s … Continue reading "Found brown tabby & white cat, West Roxbury"
Lost orange and white cat, Melrose - Lost 8/8/2013. Buttercup missing from Melrose, MA. Orange and White female cat. Has slice on right ear. Please contact 781-665-2096.
Lost gray striped tabby cat, Medford - Missing since 8/10/13: Bella (outdoor cat) has gone missing recently from the Sheridan Avenue neighborhood of Medford. It’s a quiet street and she has never been gone longer than a few hours. She has no collar. She’s very lovable but can have a temper. Please contact Kitty Connection if you have seen her.
Found orange cat, Cambridge - FOUND – small orange cat w/black collar (Cambridge) Hi, there was a small stray cat in the parking lot of 103 Norfolk St, Cambridge, MA, seen at 10 pm on 7/22/13. It’s small, orange/tabby colored with stripes and it’s wearing a black collar with moons. No tags on the collar. Extremely friendly and sociable. Clearly … Continue reading "Found orange cat, Cambridge"
Lost orange cat, Medford - Lost Cat- Medford Heights Area Medford, MA As of late Wednesday night 7/17 my 1-yea- old indoor male cat “Beau” escaped from the house (Medford Heights). He does have a collar on with a tag. My street is Harrison which intersects with Mangles St. It’s a very woodsy area… right behind Carr Park. Please contact … Continue reading "Lost orange cat, Medford"
Lost white and gray cat, Malden - Missing since 07/09/13 from Maplewood area of Malden, MA: Bella is an approximately 9 year old, male cat. He has never wandered far from home for any long period of time. Bella was not wearing any collar or tags when he was let out. He is extremely friendly and will respond to his own name. … Continue reading "Lost white and gray cat, Malden"
Lost striped tabby cat, Medford - Here is a picture of our lost cat, named Rex. We last saw him on June 2, 2013 in the Fulton Heights area of Medford. He is an outdoor cat, all attempts to keep in indoors failed. He was a stray when we adopted him, so his lifestyle is a bit of a wanderer. This … Continue reading "Lost striped tabby cat, Medford"
Missing black-and-white cat, Melrose - Missing since June 10.
Missing black-and-white cat, Medford - Missing since 5/20/13 from Central Ave, Medford: 13 year old female cat. She has been shaved due to severe matting. She walks with her hind legs bent due to a hip surgery as a kitten. She weighs about 8-10lbs. She is old and frail and looks pretty beat up but is well loved and taken … Continue reading "Missing black-and-white cat, Medford"
Lost brown/white/blk cat, Oak Sq., Brighton - Murphy is a 7-year-old neutered male who has been missing from the Oak Sq., Brighton area since Thursday, May 2nd. He’s a brown/white/black, Maine Coon mix. He is very friendly and will answer to his name. Please call Donna at 857-453-4353 if you’ve seen him.
Found orange cat, West Medford - Orange cat found in basement last week in Boston Ave area of West Medford. Not sure if male or female, but this is an indoor cat that has a collar and a bell. Very skittish and hungry. If you know anything about this cat, please call 413-214-3968.
Lost Cat, Medford - Update: Tiger (as he’s being called) was accidentally let out of the house on February 16 and has not returned. Please contact Kitty Connection if you’ve seen him! This fabulous feline has taken up residence in mid-January on Smith Lane in Medford, off Woburn Street, near the Oak Grove Cemetery, about a half mile from … Continue reading "Lost Cat, Medford"
Lost Cat, East Weymouth - Missing calico in East Weymouth, last seen February 16. Please contact Nanci if you catch her. Her name is Cream Puff.
Lost Cat, Somerville - His name is Bonjo. He is about 10 years old. He has been missing since 1/23/13 from Somerville, MA. Distinct features are his half tail and missing molar on the left side. He does not wear his collar or wear a microchip. VERY FRIENDLY. ateixeira92@live.com
Lost Cat, Everett - This kitten was last seen on January 31st, 2013. Any information leading up to his rescue would be greatly appreciated. derek.depietro@gmail.com
Lost Dog, Medford - Ben has been missing since 2/10/2013! Shih Tzu 7 years old Male Microchip : 093029273 Rabies Tag#: N/A Last Known Major Crossroads: Main Street / Summer Street Location: Medford, Massachusetts 02155 Ben went missing from home. He is wearing a red collar with a rabies tag attached. He is very friendly and approachable. If you … Continue reading "Lost Dog, Medford"
Lost Dog, Malden - Cookie is a Chihuahua mix who was last seen at intersection of Salem and Broadway in Malden, MA, on January 23, 2013. She is probably hiding as she will be very afraid so please do not chase her. She is very sweet, 15 pounds, with long black hair with brown highlights. If you see her … Continue reading "Lost Dog, Malden"
Lost Cat, Woburn -   Milo, a 2 year old male cat has been missing since Dec. 10, 2012. He is fully black with green eyes and went missing at the junction of North Warren St and Harrison Avenue in Woburn, MA (the center of Woburn near Police Station and Library Field Park). He has a good radius for … Continue reading "Lost Cat, Woburn"
Lost Cat, Winchester - Lilah is a beautiful long-haired, mostly white calico, with tan/brown/black tail, a 1/2 tan, 1/2 brownish-black patch on her side, and one black ear, one tan ear. Spayed. About 10 months old. She was wearing a light blue collar with small white/orange flowers on it and a round silver tag bearing her name “Lilah” and … Continue reading "Lost Cat, Winchester"
Lost Cat, Medford - Leo has been missing since October 26 from the Fulton Heights area in Medford, MA. Leo is about 1 and half years old and has a distinctively short tail. If you see or find Leo, please contact Carol at 646-272-8886. Thank you.
Lost Cat, Waltham/Watertown/Belmont line - Rella is a large, female Maine Coon cat, weighing about 15 pounds with long black/beige/brown fur) and double paws. She is friendly. Rella went missing from the Waltham/Watertown/Belmont line) on Monday, November 5, early evening. She is wearing a skull/crossbones collar with matching tag, which also has her name and contact information. If you find … Continue reading "Lost Cat, Waltham/Watertown/Belmont line"
Lost Cat, Malden - Jinxy went missing around 11am on 10/28/12 near Malden Station on Harnden Street. Please contact Coach Rico at enrico@esoccerforkids.com if you see or find Jinxy. Thank you.
Lost Cat, Charlestown - Stackey is a light, long haired Siamese male. He went missing on Badger Place off of Green Street in Charlestown in the evening of October 16. If you see or find Stackey, please contact Jen Gilman at 508-364-8193. Thank you.
Lost Cat, Medford - Jazz is a six-year old charcoal gray female who went missing on August 15 from the Rural Ave. area of Medford (Lawrence Estates), MA. She is an indoor cat without tags, neutered and with all her shots. She has a habit of licking the hair off her back legs. If you see Jazz or find … Continue reading "Lost Cat, Medford"
Lost Cat, Everett - Our beloved cat, Nikki, has been missing from Pleasant View Ave. in Everett since June 19th. She is a petite, black and brown striped tabby, with no tail. There is another tail-less cat in the neighborhood that has been mistaken for her, but she is significantly smaller and her markings are very pronounced. She’s 13 … Continue reading "Lost Cat, Everett"
Lost Cats, Burlington - Two cats lost from the Skilton Lane area of Burlington, MA. Trouble is the tuxedo cat and Thomas is the tabby.  
Lost Cat, Everett - Sasha escaped from her carrier in Everett on 06/11/2012. If you see her please contact Kitty Connection at 781-393-9995.
Lost Cat, Somerville - (no photo available)   I am asking for your help in finding my lost CAT, SAM. LAST SEEN: SOMERVILLE, MA 02143 PUTNAM STREET SOMERVILLE MA SPECIES: CAT BREED: OTHER PET NAME: SAM LOST: 05/24/2012 AGE: 1 YEAR, 8 MONTHS PRIMARY COLOR: GRAY WEIGHT: 10 SEX: M MICROCHIP #: 4B7D6E7100 THINK THAT YOU HAVE SEEN THIS … Continue reading "Lost Cat, Somerville"
Lost Cat, Medford - Bruin is a one-year old unneutered male tiger with double paws, who went missing from the Riverside Ave. (near Medford Square) area of Medford, MA, on May 16. If you see him or find him, please contact Carolyn at mymemine49@gmail.com.
Lost Cat, Dorchester - Lost Melville Park Area, Dorchester – Call Susan @ 781-367-2940
Lost Cat, Belmont - MicMac, an 8 month old orange tabby cat, was lost on February 17 on Kenmore Road, Belmont, MA. MicMac is very friendly. He has no collar. Please contact Sophie 646 3866236 / Alex 917 7671378 if you see or find MicMac. Thank you.
Found Cat, Medford - This female cat was found in Medford and taken in from the cold. Please contact us if you know this cat. Thank you.
Lost Cat, Woburn - Please help us find KAI (Potential REPORTED SIGHTING IN WOBURN!) 3 years old – White & Orange cat – a “healthy” 15-20 lbs. Spotted as recently as Monday night on Washington St/Montvale Ave in Woburn (2.5 miles from home!) Please call Colleen at 617 592 7006 if you think you have spotted him.
Lost Cat, Malden - Chubby went missing from the Linden St. area of Malden around December 5. He is missing half his tail. He’s a feral but has been warming up to his caretaker and she would like him back. If you see him, please contact Charlene at jaccrcaulfield@msn.com.
Found Cat, Malden - This cat was found in the Malden area. Kitty Connection will be putting the cat up for adoption. Please contact us if you think that cat may be yours.
Lost Cat, Waltham - $1,000 reward! Jesse went missing from 46 Kings Way, Waltham, MA (across from Pizzi Farm at Lake and Lincoln Streets. He is a dark orange male tabby with a spot on his nose. Please call 781-373-2259 or 408-219-7525 if you find him or see him.
Lost Cat, Somerville - Mai Thai went missing from Perkins Street, Somerville, MA, on October 5 around noon. Reward if found. She is a slender female, four years old, tan with bright blue eyes. Usually very shy and timid. Please call Joleen at 617-645-5616 or text her with any information.
Lost Cat, Waltham/Lexington - Lost female Tortie Tortoiseshell ( could also be called Calico or Tabby) Cat. She has brownish black fur with small specks of yellow/orange, and big golden eyes. She is aprox. 10-12 years old, but we are not certain as she is a rescue. She is spayed, NOT de-clawed, NOT micro chipped, takes off her collar … Continue reading "Lost Cat, Waltham/Lexington"
Lost Cat, Medford - Midnight is a one-year old all black male cat with double paws, short hair, no collar but microchipped. He is very friendly. Midnight has been gone since July 28 from the Bellevue Street area of Medford, MA. If you see him or find him, please contact Olivier at 617-971-7250.
Found Cat, Medford - Found in Mayberry Ave. area of Medford, MA.  Please contact Lisa at 617-957-8952.
Found Cat, Malden - A young female cat was found in the Linwood Street/Eastern Avenue area of Malden at Malden Mills, Ma. She is very, very friendly and cuddly. Please contact Tracy King by email tking0110@gmail.com or phone (617) 549-6135 if you think she may be yours. Tracy is taking very good care of her. Thank you.
Lost Cat, Malden - Chibi was last seen on May 8 around the Quincy St. and Medford St. area in Malden, MA, near the Fellsway. He is a two and a half year old Maine Coon mix and is white tabby with brown, gray, and black stripes on his back and the top of his head. He has yellow-green … Continue reading "Lost Cat, Malden"
Lost Cat, Medford - Spiderman is a brown tabby male about 1-2 years old, who went missing in the Riverside Ave. area of Medford, MA. If you see Spiderman, please contact Kitty Connection at 781-393-9995. Thank you.
Lost Cat, Brookline - Big Eyes is a gray male cat, microchip #OA1040783, who has gone missing in Brookline, MA. Please contact Jun Ming Guan at 617-820-4911 if you find him.
Lost Cat, Malden - (no photo available)
Found Cat, Cambridge - This female cat was found last week in a church parking lot in Kendall Square area of Cambridge, MA. Please contact Kitty Connection if you know this cat.
Lost Cat, Medford - Scrappy went missing this past Sunday. He somehow got outside & either someone took him or he ran off. His family is worried sick about him. He went missing in Medford, MA, near Mystic Avenue (near the Somerville city limits). Please contact Cherie at (617.755.3458) if you find him.
Lost Cat - Just in case someone brings in an orange and white neutered male they took in as a stray. Spike has been missing since August. He has a notch out of one ear and the left tip of his pink nose has a small brown/orange freckle(s) on it. Please call Karen Kearsley at 781-899-8937 if you … Continue reading "Lost Cat"
Lost Cat, Medford - (no photo available) I lost my baby kitty Calvin (3 yrs old). He has yellow eyes and is black and white short hair with a white belly and partly white face with a distinctive black mark on his nose. His twin brother misses him very much. There was a fire in my apartment building on … Continue reading "Lost Cat, Medford"
Found Cat, Malden - This cat was found on October 11 in the Ferry Street area of Malden, MA. Please contact Kitty Connection if you know to whom this cat belongs. Thank you.
Lost/Stolen Cat, Medford - This cat was last seen on September 4, 2010, being loaded into the back of a black SUV and driven away from North Medford, MA. He is a male red tabby, all striped, with medium length fur. He has a balding spot over one eye. Kitten could be in any town at this point. If … Continue reading "Lost/Stolen Cat, Medford"
Lost Cat, Belmont - Bam Bam is a large male cat weighing 17 lbs. He is grey with some tan on his belly and stripes on his legs and spots on his sides. He was last seen on September 13 very late at night in the Waverly Square, Belmont, MA area. If you spot or find Bam Bam, please … Continue reading "Lost Cat, Belmont"
Lost Cat, Medford/Somerville - Brody is a grey and white cat with black paws and one ear that is a bit mangled. He wasn’t wearing a collar. He was lost on the Wellesley Street side of Tufts Alumni Fields near the Medford, Somerville, MA, line. He is my best bud and if there is any information good OR bad … Continue reading "Lost Cat, Medford/Somerville"
Lost Cat, Medford - Bucca is 4 years old and very friendly. She went missing from Billings Av., Medford, MA, on August 18th. Please call Scott or Amy at 781-799-5093 if seen. Thank you.
Lost Cat, Somerville - I lost my cat Rolly on Friday, August 13, in the Josephine Avenue, Somerville, MA, area. Rolly is a male weighing around 7-8 pounds. He is a grey, short-haired tabby with white curly mustache. If you see Rolly or find him, would you please contact Karine at 617-784-2515.
Lost Cat, Andover - Missing in Andover since August 10. Orange and white tabby cat, named Shoes. He is an 8-year-old male cat. If you see or find Shoes, please call Erika at 978-470-4618.
Lost Cat, Littleton - Louie was lost in Littleton, MA, when a visitor let him out by mistake. He has a tattoo in his ear, and is an indoor cat. He sneezes a lot due to allergies. He is about 7 years old. If you see him or find him, please call 978-266-2828 or cell 978-807-4225. Thank you.
Lost Cat, Lexington - Pepe is an outdoor cat and has been missing since July 22 from Russell Square in Lexington, MA. His behavior is somewhat feral when encountering strangers. He has yellow eyes and is large with long black hair, although recently he has been losing his hair. He has no collar. If you see Pepe or have … Continue reading "Lost Cat, Lexington"
Lost Cat, Medford - (no photo available) I am asking for your help in finding my lost CAT, IVY. SPECIES: CAT BREED: DSH PET NAME: IVY LOST: 16-JUL-10 AGE: 8 YEARS PRIMARY COLOR: BLACK SECONDARY COLOR: ORANGE/WHITE WEIGHT: 14 SEX: F MICROCHIP #: 224C0A2C50 LAST SEEN: MEDFORD, MA 02155 LAST SEEN ON THE INTERSECTION OF DOBLE AND BILLINGS AVE … Continue reading "Lost Cat, Medford"
Lost Dog, Medford - Sammy has been missing since 5am on Sunday, July 11, from Otis Street, Medford, MA. He is approximately 50 lbs with brown fur, a black nose and white paws. He will come if you call Sammy. Please contact Mark at 781 858 2952 if you find or see Sammy. Thank you.
Lost Cat, Medford - Kit Kat, a Russian Blue male and neutered cat, got out of its house on Forest Street in Medford and has not returned since Friday night. He is microchipped and registered with 24petwatch. His chip ID is 0A1154447A. His name when registered was Regis but we call him Kit Kat. He was originally adopted from … Continue reading "Lost Cat, Medford"
Lost Cat, Woburn - Rusty is a male cat missing since May 12 from the Kendall Street area of Woburn, MA. He is fixed, about 2-3 years old and has had some teeth extracted. If you spot Rusty, please contact Arlene at 617-330-4475, 781-932-0682 (home), 781-850-5634 (Cell).
Lost Cat, Cambridge - Granite is a Kitty Connection cat that escaped from his foster home on May 25, 2010. His foster family lives on Pearl Street in Cambridge and miss him very much. If you spot him or find him, please contact Kitty Connection.
Lost Cat, Lexington - Louie is a brown/tan/black with orange belly Tabby cat who went missing from the Fiske School area of Lexington, MA, on April 24, 2010. He is a diabetic and needs medication! Please contact Lisa at 781-862-0926 if you see or find Louie.
Lost Dog, Malden - Butter Cup is a 4 yr old Longhaired black and tan Chihuahua who went missing from Park St in Malden on 2/8/10. She is usually skittish with unfamiliar people. Her brother Peanut misses her like crazy and her family is desperately looking for her. Please contact Dolores 781-816-0387.
Lost Cat, Medford - Our 3-year old cat Bailey escaped from our house on January 26. He is dark grey/grey and resembles a Russian Blue breed cat. We live in West Medford Square near Playstead Park on Clewley Road/Warren Street. Bailey is an indoor cat and has never been outdoors. He is very shy and is probably extremely scared … Continue reading "Lost Cat, Medford"
Lost Cat, Malden - (no photo available) Cat Lost During Fire in Malden We are still looking for our cat Cleo lost during the fire on Pleasant St. She is a beautiful calico cat, about 10 pounds. Mostly black with white and orange spots. If you have seen her anywhere or if you know anything, please contact us any … Continue reading "Lost Cat, Malden"
Lost Cat - Fuzzy went missing on the morning of 12/26/2009. He was last seen on Avon Street in Malden. He is a 3-year old, short-haired black neutered male with a tiny white spot on his chest, weighing about 15 lbs. He was wearing a black and silver collar with a name tag. He is very friendly and … Continue reading "Lost Cat"
Lost Cat, Malden - Hera is a short-haired tortoiseshell female cat about 7 1/2 years old and weighing 10 pounds. She has a large beige patch on her neck and chest area and right front paw. Hera was lost from Highland Avenue and Charles Street, Malden, MA, on November 26, 2009. When last seen she was wearing a red … Continue reading "Lost Cat, Malden"
Lost Cat, Medford - Butch is a male orange tabby with white underbelly weighing around 12 pounds. He was lost from Sylvia Road and Main Street, Medford, MA, on October 27. He is microchipped (4351466A38). If you see Butch, please contact HomeAgain at 1-888-466-3242.
Lost Cat, Medford - (no photo available) Beaumont is a black and gray, short-haired male weighing around 15 pounds. When lost he was wearing a black collar with bell. He was lost from Chandler Street, Medford, MA, on November 23. He is microchipped (49787C607). If you see Beaumont, please contact HomeAgain at 1-888-466-3242.
Lost Cat, Everett - Lost Orange Cat – has only 1 eye. Missing from Malden Everett town line. REWARD!!! Kitten is a large (20lb) neutered orange tabby cat, born with only 1 eye and his right ear folds down slightly from a previous surgery. He was last seen on Sunday, November 1, around Regent Rd/Wyllis Ave near the Malden’/Everett … Continue reading "Lost Cat, Everett"
Lost Cat, Malden - Mya, who is six months old, has been missing since September 15. She is an orange, black and white calico. She was last seen on Gale Street in Malden near Fellsway West. Please call Tracy if found or if you have any information at 978-569-6222. A REWARD IF FOUND! Thank you!
Lost Cat, Medford - (no photo available) All black (whiskers, nose, pawpads and all) shorthair cat with yellowish green eyes, a pointy face and large slender frame. No photo available as he was just adopted. He’s been living in the woods and getting fed at houses so he might come meowing at your door in the next few days. … Continue reading "Lost Cat, Medford"
Lost Cat, Lincoln - Isis (pronounced Eye-sis) has been missing from Lincoln, MA for several days. She is an 11-year old gray long-hair, spayed female with white markings. If you find Isis, would you please contact Anne Rigg at riggm@hotmail.com. Thank you.
Lost Cat, Somerville - Rosa is a brown/gray tabby cat. She is about two years old, but she is a little on the hefty side. She went missing from Putnam Street in Somerville on Thursday July, 9. Please contact Erin at 713-202-8795 if you find her.
Lost Cat, Medford - Our family cat, Boo Boo, has been missing since Saturday, June 27, 2009. He is a two year old male. Boo Boo is mostly black with white on his paws and chest. He has been neutered and was last seen in the Lyman Ave. area of Medford, MA. He was wearing a green Safety collar … Continue reading "Lost Cat, Medford"
Lost Cat, Somerville - If you have any information on Shiloh PLEASE email or call me at 617-320-5948. He is a domestic short haired gray tabby. We are missing him so such! Shiloh went missing on the corner of North and Fairfax Street in Somerville, MA. Thank you, Anna
Lost Cat, Saugus - Tommy is a 5 year old male cat, lost from Saugus MA, the Walden Pond Ave area (off of Walnut St). He is all gray, with a very small white patch on his lower belly. He went missing March 23, we miss him so much!!!! My family and I can be reached at 781-233-8711. Michelle … Continue reading "Lost Cat, Saugus"