Please note that many of our cats are in foster homes and may not be at the adoption events listed on our calendar. Contact us to make an appointment if you would like to meet a specific kitty.

Thinking of adopting? Please read the things you need to know before you adopt. Save time and bring a completed pre-adoption agreement for cats/kittens when you visit us!

Can’t adopt a cat but want to foster one or volunteer? You can download our cat foster application and waiver or our volunteer application to get started.

Available Cats

Ale - I am a brown tabby with a white chest, 2 year old boy named Ale. I was picked up as a stray in a building, obviously abandoned by my owner. I am very gregarious and curious, I love to check everything out. If you are looking for a cat that is interesting and interested…come and … Continue reading "Ale"
Barda - My name is Barda and I am a 6-8 year old girl. I just came into a Kitty Connection foster home after being surrendered from a home with too many cats. I am not settled in but soon my true personality will shine. If you are interested in meeting me, please contact my foster mom, … Continue reading "Barda"
Bumble - My name is Bumble and I am at Kitty Connection because my owners moved away and left me behind. KC got the call from an prior cat-adopter who asked if I could be helped. I am a handsome fellow and just getting used to being in these unfamiliar surroundings. Come and meet me and let’s … Continue reading "Bumble"
Cimba - My name is Cimba and I’m a six-year-old orange & white tabby cat who needs a home.  I used to live with people, people I loved with all my heart, but they dumped me when they moved. They couldn’t be bothered to find a new home  that accepts cats– even though it’s easy to find … Continue reading "Cimba"
Gotham - I am Gotham… an extremely handsome, 2-3 year old boy. I am super friendly and love people. All I want is attention and for you to play with me. I was rescued from the streets and held while my owner was sought out. No one came forward to claim me so I am at Kitty … Continue reading "Gotham"
Jasmine - I am Jasmine and I am an all black, 4 year old female cat. I was adopted from Kitty Connection a few years ago but my owners got divorced.  We moved into an apartment with a friend. I started scratching the friend’s carpets which was not appreciated by the roommate. My owner chose to stay … Continue reading "Jasmine"
Jolden - My name is Jolden and I was, like a lot of the cats here at Kitty Connection, picked up as a stray. My owners put me out on the streets. I did nothing wrong…I am just a cat. Maybe they moved; maybe they did not like me. Can you give me a home where I … Continue reading "Jolden"
Kiera - My name is Kiera and I am a beautiful, older girl. I am about 7 years old and I am a real diva. I do not like other cats and really want to be the only cat in your home, in OUR home. I am friendly and curious about everything; I love checking out nooks … Continue reading "Kiera"
Kitkat - My name is Kitkat and I’m a spunky little grey cat, 1-2 years old.  I was surrendered because my owner’s grandchild was allergic to me.  I’m very sweet, but also a little sassy– I can get overstimulated sometimes, and I don’t like being picked up.  I might follow you from room to room once I … Continue reading "Kitkat"
Lacey - Hi there…I am Lacey and I am a 10 month old and my sister is Laney, who is also here. As a young kitten, I lived in a home where I didn’t receive the attention I should have so, I have a shyer personality. I would like a new home where I can receive lots … Continue reading "Lacey"
Laney - My name is Laney and I’m a 10 month old female cat who was going to be put down because I had a badly infected eye. I lived in a home where I wasn’t cared for really well. Other people networked to save me because they knew someone “out there” would take care of my … Continue reading "Laney"
Lex - My name is Lex and I’m a 3 yr old, FIV positive male cat. I am very friendly and love to sit on your lap and watch TV with you. I do best as an “only cat” because I can be a real bully to other cats and I prefer to get all the attention. … Continue reading "Lex"
Marcy - My name is Marcy and I am the mother of the “M” named kittens, a few of which I am still nursing. I am 2 to 3 years old and I am at Kitty Connection to find a permanent home after my babies are adopted. Interested in meeting us, then please contact Kitty Connection at … Continue reading "Marcy"
Misha - My name is Misha and I’m a 2.5 yr old girl. A nice lady rescued me off the street and was going to keep me but I don’t get along with her other cats. I am very friendly and lovable, and I will curl up next to you to cuddle. I’m not happy about being … Continue reading "Misha"
Nik - Hey there! My name is Nikolai but I am called Nik for short. My present mom inherited her mom’s cat (me!) when she passed away in 2014. I am a handsome Russian Blue mix boy  and I am about 10-11 years old. I am in good health and have many years of love to give … Continue reading "Nik"
Ozzy (& Rex) - My name is Ozzy and I’m an orange tabby boy with a lot of spunk. I like affection, but prefer it on my own terms–pet me too much and I can be feisty. I love being with company, but I don’t think I would do well with children or dogs.  Play all day with my … Continue reading "Ozzy (& Rex)"
Rex (& Ozzy) - My name is Rex, and I’m a handsome & sleek, black cat who likes to do my own thing. I’ll seek out attention when I want it…and, I can be very cuddly at times! I have a lot of energy and can be very vocal. I’m a curious cat who loves to play, especially with … Continue reading "Rex (& Ozzy)"
Smokey - My name is Smokey and I am here at Kitty Connection because my owner died. He was an older man who lived in Senior Housing. I was very much loved by him and I miss him a lot. I am in need of a gentle; caring adopter with a quiet home. I want to feel … Continue reading "Smokey"
Splinter - I am Splinter and I am an 8 year old boy. I was found roaming around in a neighborhood and rescued. Now, I have a chance at a forever home; never to be abandoned again. I am very friendly and curious about everything; I love exploring and checking things out. I am a SUPER sweet … Continue reading "Splinter"
Tevs - My name is Tevs and I’m a 1.5 year old male cat.  A nice lady rescued me off the streets and kept me in her home until she could find a rescue group to find me a forever home.  I am a very gregarious and silly cat. I am quite the character and very entertaining: … Continue reading "Tevs"

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