Feeding Tips for Adult Cats

Cats maintained at their optimal body weight live longer than their overweight littermates. Establish a pattern for meal times according to the following guidelines:

Adult cats should be fed an adult maintenance food to maintain an optimal body weight and condition. Indoor neutered adult cats should be fed a low-calorie, Light or Lite dry food.

Feed the cat in the same place at every meal. Offer clean water at all times at the same place.

Adult cats should be fed at least two times daily. Always measure out the food offered to the cat using a measuring cup.

Avoid feeding extra foods. Remove the cat from the room when you are preparing food and eating.

Dry food is more economical, easier and more convenient to feed, generally less fattening and better for overall oral health than canned food. There is no need to feed a canned food to healthy normal cats.

Treats, snacks and table foods are not recommended. Feeding these foods leads to obese, begging, finicky pets. If food rewards are necessary, use reduced calorie biscuits or washed raw vegetables.

Any decrease in your cat’s food intake for more than 2 days should be of concern and you should seek Veterinary attention.