Donations Needed for TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return)

Have you ever noticed a colony of cats hanging around your neighborhood? Perhaps you yourself have kindly been feeding stray animals? Why are there so many animals out there fending for themselves? The answer in most cases is that these animals have been abandoned or have been born into the wild without being spayed or neutered. Thus, they continue to reproduce among themselves and these colonies grow.

Although no shelter or animal rescue group has the capability to rescue every single one of these animals, TNR groups can certainly help by trapping these animals and having them spayed or neutered to help stop reproduction and then returning them to the only home they know.

But who pays for the related costs? The people feeding the animals are not able to handle all medical costs, and the shelters and animal rescue groups cannot either. Shelters and rescue groups are able to feed, shelter and spay/neuter “adoptable cats” because of the donations they receive and from adoption donations. But how do we help these poor unwanted animals?

That’s where you can play a role. Help continue the TNR programs that are desperately needed by making a donation toward TNR today. Help us stop the reproduction of unwanted cats who live with disease, hunger and fear every day.

Please visit our donations page if you can help and let us know that you want to donate toward TNR. Thank you.